Prosecutor-General of Russia

The Prosecutor General of Russia (also Attorney General of Russia, Russian: Генеральный Прокурор Российской Федерации) heads the system of official prosecution in courts known and heads the Office of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation (Генеральная прокуратура Российской Федерации). The Prosecutor General remains the most powerful component of the Russian judicial system.[1]

Prosecutor General of the
Russian Federation
Генеральный Прокурор Российской Федерации
Igor Krasnov

since 22 January 2020
General Prosecutor's Office of Russian Federation
TypePublic procurator
NominatorPresident of Russia
AppointerFederation Council
Term lengthFive years
PrecursorProcurator General of the Soviet Union
Formation28 February 1991
First holderValentin Stepankov
DeputyAlexey Zakharov [ru]
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