List of protomartyrs

A protomartyr (Koine Greek, πρότος prótos "first" + μάρτυρας mártyras "martyr") is the first Christian martyr in a country or among a particular group, such as a religious order. Similarly, the phrase the Protomartyr (with no other qualification of country or region) can mean Saint Stephen, the first martyr of the Christian church. Saint Thecla the Protomartyr, the first female martyr of the Christian church, is known as "apostle and protomartyr among women".[1]

Name Year Place first...
Stephenc. 34Jerusalem
First Martyrs of the Church of Rome64Romein Rome
Saint Alban[2]3rd/4th c.St Albansin Great Britain
Vincent of Saragossa304Valenciain Spain
Rajden the First-Martyr[3]457Tsromifrom Georgia / under the Sassanid Empire
Odran5th c.Irelandin Ireland
Adalbert of Prague997PrussiaDuchy of Poland
The Franciscan protomartyrs1220Moroccoof the Franciscan order
Child Martyrs of Tlaxcala[4]1527Mexicoin the Americas
Juan de Padilla1542Kansasin what is now the United States
Luis Cáncer1549Tampa Bay, Floridain Florida
Peter Baptist and companions1627Nagasakiin Japan
Philip of Jesus1627Nagasakifrom Mexico[5]
St. Lorenzo Ruiz1637Nagasakifrom the Philippines
Blessed Andrew of Phu Yen[6] 1641Kẻ Chàm, Vietnamin Vietnam
André de Soveral1645Canguaretamain Brazil[7]
Francis Ferdinand de Capillas1648Fujian, Chinain the Chinese Empire
Pedro Calungsod1672Tumon, Guamin Guam
Juvenaly[8]1796Kuinerrak, Alaskain Alaska
Andrew Kim Taegon1846Seoulin Korea
James Hannington1885Ugandain Eastern Equatorial Africa
Peter Chanel1841Futunain Oceania
St. Vladimir Bogoyavlensky1918Moscowunder the Soviet Union
Stanley Rother1981GuatemalaU.S. native-born citizen to be considered a martyr and beatified by the Catholic Church[9]
Martyrdom of Saint Stephen San Esteban Ilocos Sur Philippines