Provinces of Turkey

Turkey is divided into 81 provinces (Turkish: il). Each province is divided into a number of different districts (ilçe). Each provincial government is seated in the central district (merkez ilçe). The central district usually bears the name of the province (e.g. the city of Van is the central district of Van Province). There are only three exceptions[1] to this naming scheme:

Provinces of Turkey
Türkiye'nin İlleri (Turkish)
CategoryUnitary state
LocationRepublic of Turkey
Number81 Provinces
Populations84,660 (Tunceli) – 15,519,267 (Istanbul)
Areas850 km2 (327 sq mi) (Yalova) – 38,260 km2 (14,771 sq mi) (Konya)

Each province is administered by an appointed governor (vali) from the Ministry of the Interior.