Quebec Liberal Party

The Quebec Liberal Party (QLP; French: Parti libéral du Québec, PLQ) is a provincial political party in Quebec. It has been independent of the federal Liberal Party of Canada since 1955.[3][4][5] The QLP has always been associated with the colour red; each of their main opponents in different eras have been generally associated with the colour blue.[6]

Quebec Liberal Party
Parti libéral du Québec
AbbreviationQLP (English)
PLQ (French)
LeaderDominique Anglade
PresidentLinda Caron
Founded1 July 1867 (1867-07-01)
Headquarters7240, rue Waverly Montreal, Quebec, H2R 2Y8
1535, chemin Sainte-Foy Suite 120 Quebec City, Quebec, G1S 2P1
Political positionCentre-left[1][2]
Colours  Red
Seats in the National Assembly
27 / 125

The QLP has traditionally supported a form of Quebec federalist ideology with nuanced Canadian nationalist tones that supports Quebec remaining within the Canadian federation, while also supporting reforms that would allow substantial autonomism in Quebec. In the context of federal Canadian politics,[7] it is a more centrist party when compared to Conservative and Liberal parties in other provinces, such as the British Columbia Liberal Party.[8] It believes in a strong role for government in the economy and supports social-liberal policies.[9] The party also has a social-democratic faction, which was especially prominent during the Quiet Revolution.[10]

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