Queen Elizabeth Land

Queen Elizabeth Land is portion of mainland Antarctica named by the government of the United Kingdom and claimed as part of the British Antarctic Territory, which is the largest of the 14 British Overseas Territories. Situated south of Weddell Sea and between longitudes 20°W and 80°W, stretching from Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf to the South Pole.[1] The boundary against Zumberge Coast of Ellsworth Land to the West and Northwest is Hercules Inlet. To the northeast, circle of latitude 82°S is the dividing line against Coats Land. The area of Queen Elizabeth Land was unnamed until 2012, though most of it was unofficially known as Edith Ronne Land in 1947–68[2] and includes areas claimed by the United Kingdom, Chile and Argentina.

Map of Queen Elizabeth Land (shaded)

Queen Elizabeth Land
Queen Elizabeth Land
Location of Queen Elizabeth Land in Antarctica
Coordinates: 84°S 49°W
  Total437,000 km2 (169,000 sq mi)

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