Rachel Bluwstein

Rachel Bluwstein Sela (September 20 (Julian calendar) 1890 – April 16, 1931) was a Hebrew-language poet who immigrated to Palestine, then part of the Ottoman Empire, in 1909. She is known by her first name, Rachel (Hebrew: רחל [ʁaˈχel]), or as Rachel the Poetess (רחל המשוררת [ʁaˈχel (h)am(e)ʃoˈʁeʁet]).

Rachel Bluwstein
Rachel Bluwstein
Born20 September 1890 (1890-09-20)
Died16 April 1931 (1931-04-17) (aged 40)

Rachel Bluwstein in kibbutz Degania Alef, 1919–1921

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