Radar Love

"Radar Love" is a song by the Dutch rock band Golden Earring. The single version of "Radar Love" reached #10 on the Cash Box Top 100 and #13 in Billboard in the United States. It also hit the Top 10 in many countries, including the United Kingdom, Canada,[4] Australia, Germany, and Spain.

"Radar Love"
Single by Golden Earring
from the album Moontan
B-side (UK and US)
Released4 August 1973 (Europe)
  • 16 November 1973 (UK)
  • 15 April 1974 (US) [1]
StudioTrident, London
  • 6:26 (album version)
  • 5:07 (single version)
  • 3:44 (single edit)
Producer(s)Golden Earring
Audio sample

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