Radical Movement

The Radical Movement (French: Mouvement radical, MR), officially the Radical, Social and Liberal Movement (French: Mouvement radical, social et libéral), is a social-liberal political party in France.

Radical Movement
Mouvement radical
PresidentLaurent Hénart
Founded10 December 2017
Merger ofRadical Party
Radical Party of the Left
Headquarters1, place de Valois
75001 Paris
LGBT wingGayLib
Membership (2017) 15,000 claimed adherents[1]
Political positionCentre[5]
European affiliationAlliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe
European Parliament groupRenew Europe
Colours  Mauve
SloganOuverts, unis, indépendants
"Open, United, Independent"
National Assembly
16 / 577
14 / 348
European Parliament
1 / 79
Presidency of Regional Councils
0 / 17
Presidency of Departmental Councils
0 / 95

The party aims at being an "alternative to the right–left paradigm".[5][6]