Raffles Girls' School (Secondary)

Raffles Girls' School (RGS) is an independent all-girls secondary school in Singapore.[5]

Raffles Girls' School (Secondary)
Sekolah Perempuan Raffles (Menengah)
இராஃபிள்ஸ் பெண்கள் பள்ளி (உயர்நிலை)
2 Braddell Rise


Coordinates1.3428°N 103.8434°E / 1.3428; 103.8434
MottoFiliae Melioris Aevi[2]
(Daughters of a Better Age)
Established1879; 142 years ago (1879)[2]
Sister schoolRaffles Institution
SessionSingle; AM
School code3008
ChairmanHon Justice Judith E J Prakash[3]
PrincipalHaslinda Zamani
EnrolmentApprox. 1600[4]
Colour(s)    Green, black, & white

Established in 1879, the school is one of the oldest in Singapore.

It provides students with a 6-year Raffles Program[6] which cumulates in the Singapore-Cambridge General Certificate in Education (GCE) 'Advanced' Level Examination.

The school was recognised by the Ministry of Education in 2006 by being awarded the School Excellence Award (recognising schools with 'exemplary school processes and practices'), among other awards.[7]

It was a member of Alliance of Girls' Schools Australasia.[8]


Before RGS became a school in its own right, it existed as a part of Raffles Institution (RI).[9]

The department for girls was opened in the RI campus of Bras Basah Road on 4 March 1844 with 11 students, 5-day-scholars and six boarders, who were clothed, fed and instructed by the institution itself. The demand for education grew and in 1847, the school moved to RI's eastern wing, extending towards Bras Basah Road. Governor of the Straits Settlement, E.A. Blundell described RGS as "a female school designed for the education and religious training of the children of poor Protestant parents" in 1855.[10] In 1871, the school moved into a house, the George Family's Old Mansion at the corner of Bras Basah Road. In 1879, the school separated from RI and Miss Nelson was appointed the school's first headmistress. Together with three assistants, she ran the school which had an enrolment of 77. Since then, 1879 has been officially regarded as the year of the founding of RGS.[11]

On 21 October 2019, it moved from Anderson Road, where it has been located since 1959, to its new campus at Braddell Rise, located opposite Raffles Institution.[4]

School culture and identity


Semi-formal RGS uniform with school tie
Formal school attire

The usual school uniform is a belted, deep blue pinafore and a white collared blouse.[12] Students customarily fold their sleeves on most shirts (except Physical Education Shirt), which also requires a colour-coded nametag (colours Black/Green (green as of 2019) Blue, Red and Yellow inherited by first-year batch to graduating batch respectively), along with the school badge, on the top left of the uniform, right below the name tag. There are also school culottes, worn with the PE shirt.

Awards and accolades

A group of four students from Raffles Girls' School emerged Champion at the Kids' Lit Quiz 2018, and represented Singapore in New Zealand in July that year.[13]

Mr Joseph Toh Kim Leng won the Teaching Award in 2016, which honours outstanding teachers of English language, English literature and General Paper in Singapore.[14]

Jodie Lai, a 2015 Optimist World Championships Under-15 champion, was conferred the title of Best Sportsgirl for sailing at the 46th Singapore Schools Sports Council (SSSC) Colours Awards in 2016.[15]

Veronica Shen won the Queen's Commonwealth Essay Competition in the Junior Category in 2019 with her poem entitled 'Lost'.[16][17]

Notable alumnae


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