Reference Re Alberta Statutes

Reference Re Alberta Statutes,[1] also known as the Alberta Press case and the Alberta Press Act Reference, is a landmark reference of the Supreme Court of Canada where several provincial laws, including one restricting the press, were struck down and the existence of an implied bill of rights protecting civil liberties such as a free press was first proposed.

Reference Re Alberta Statutes
CourtJudicial Committee of the Privy Council
Full case nameAttorney General of Alberta v Attorney General of Canada
DecidedJuly 14, 1938 (1938-07-14)
Case history
Appealed fromReference Re Alberta Statutes - The Bank Taxation Act; The Credit of Alberta Regulation Act; and the Accurate News and Information Act, 1938 CanLII 1, [1938] SCR 100 (4 March 1938), Supreme Court (Canada)
Court membership
Judges sittingThe Lord Chancellor, Lord Atkin, Lord Thankerton, Lord Russell of Killowen, Lord Macmillan
Case opinions
Decision byThe Lord Chancellor