Refugees as weapons

"Refugees as weapons", or "Weapon of Mass Migration" is a term used for organised mass exodus of refugees from one state to a hostile state as a "weapon" against that 'targeted' state.[1][2] Weaponized migration occurs when a challenging state or non-state actor exploits human migration—whether voluntary or forced—in order to achieve political, military, and/or economic objectives.[3] Kelly Greenhill counts 56 attempts (1951 to 2006) to employ the direct or indirect threat of mass migrations as a non-military instrument of influence.[1]

The concept of "Weaponized Migration" is categorized into Infiltration, Coercive, Dispossessive, Exportive, Fifth Column [citation needed]. Perceiving refugees as a weapon prevents the possible solutions to refugee movement, such in the case of Humanitarian aid directed at refugee relief[citation needed]. The empirical verification of the populist suspicion, that refugees are a threat to national security and terrorism is relatively scarce.[4]