Regional municipality

A regional municipality (or region) is a type of Canadian municipal government similar to and at the same municipal government level as a county, although the specific structure and servicing responsibilities may vary from place to place. Regional municipalities were formed in highly populated areas where it was considered more efficient to provide certain services, such as water, emergency services, and waste management over an area encompassing more than one local municipality. For this reason, regions may be involved in providing services to residents and businesses.

Regional municipalities, where and when they include lower-tier municipalities within their boundaries, are sometimes referred to as upper-tier municipalities. Regional municipalities which generally have more servicing responsibilities than counties. Typical services include maintenance and construction of arterial roads including in urban areas, transit, policing, sewer and water systems, waste disposal, region-wide land-use planning and development and health and social services.

Regions are more urbanized than counties and are implemented in census divisions where an interconnected cluster of urban centres forms the majority of the division's area and population.