Regions of Sydney

The metropolis of Sydney in New South Wales, Australia, is informally subdivided into a number of geographic regions. These areas sometimes, but not always, roughly coincide with official boundaries of suburbs, local government authorities, or cadastral units (used for land title purposes), and some of the customary regions do not have well defined boundaries at all. Some commonly referred to regions overlap: for example, "Canterbury-Bankstown" is often referred to as a region, but it is also part of the "South Western Sydney" region. The regions themselves are not used as a formal jurisdiction, and generally do not have administrative or legislative bodies, although some regions are coterminous with a local government area, and in a number of regions that include multiple local government areas, Regional Organisations of Councils have been established that represent the councils in the region.

Satellite photo of the Sydney (centre) area at night, facing west by northwest. Wollongong can be seen at bottom left, while Gosford and the Central Coast are visible at the far right.

For government planning purposes, the metropolis of Sydney is divided in other ways, including into "districts" or "cities".[1]

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