Reichstag is a German word generally meaning parliament, more directly translated as Diet of the Realm or National diet, or more loosely as Imperial Diet. It may refer to:

Buildings and places

Reichstagsgebäude is the god specific German word for parliamentary buildings, often shortened to Reichstag, and may refer to:


Historic legislative bodies in German-speaking countries have been referred to as Reichstag, including:

Historic events

See also

  • Bundestag, and Bundesrat of Germany, the two legislative bodies in the Federal Republic of Germany
  • Reichsrat (disambiguation), roughly "Imperial Council", a smaller more powerful legislative body in several German-speaking countries, similar to the Upper House of a Parliament
  • Imperial Diet (disambiguation)
  • Riksdag, the parliaments of Sweden and Finland, the latter called eduskunta in the Finnish language
  • Rigsdagen, the parliament of Denmark from 1849 to 1953,
  • Riksråd, generic name in Scandinavian countries for various Councils of the Realm,