Republic of China Army

The Republic of China Army (ROCA), also retroactively known as the Chinese Army[4] and unofficially the Taiwanese Army[5] is the largest branch of the Republic of China Armed Forces. An estimated 80% of the ROC Army is located on Taiwan, while the remainder are stationed on the Penghu, Kinmen, Matsu, Dongsha and Taiping Islands.

Republic of China Army
Zhōnghuá Mínguó Lùjūn (Mandarin)
Tiong-huâ Bîn-kok Lio̍k-kun (Hokkien)
Chûng-fà Mìn-koet Liu̍k-kiûn (Hakka)
Emblem of the Republic of China Army
FoundedJune 16, 1924 (1924-06-16) (as the National Revolutionary Army)
December 25, 1947 (1947-12-25) (as the Republic of China Army)
Country Republic of China
RoleGround warfare
Size199,237 (2003)[1]
130,000 (2019 est.)
Part ofRepublic of China Armed Forces
Garrison/HQLongtan, Taoyuan, Taiwan (ROC)
ColorsGold & Green
March"Army Anthem" (Chinese: 陸軍軍歌; "Lùjūnjūngē"; "Liu̍k-kiûn Kiûn-kô")
EngagementsNorthern Expedition
Sino-Soviet conflict (1929)
Long March
Second Sino-Japanese War
World War II
Battle of Baitag Bogd
Chinese Civil War
Chinese Communist Revolution
Battle of Guningtou
Battle of Nanri Island
Battle of Yijiangshan Islands
Vietnam War
Cambodian Civil War
Laotian Civil War
War on Terror
Military intervention against ISIL[2]
Commander of the Army General Hsu Yen-pu (陳寶餘)[3]
Deputy Commander of the Republic of China Army Lieutenant-general Fang Mao-hung (房茂宏)
Deputy Commander of the Republic of China Army Lieutenant-general Wang Hsing-li (王興禮)
Aircraft flown
Attack helicopterAH-1W, AH-64E
Cargo helicopterCH-47SD, UH-60M
Observation helicopterOH-58D
Trainer helicopterTH-67A
Utility helicopterUH-60M
Republic of China Army
Traditional Chinese中華民國陸軍
Simplified Chinese中华民国陆军

Since the Chinese Civil War, no armistice or peace treaty has ever been signed, so as the final line of defense against a possible invasion by the People's Liberation Army (PLA), the primary focus is on defense and counterattack against amphibious assault and urban warfare.