Republic of Crimea

The Republic of Crimea (Russian: Республика Крым, romanized: Respublika Krym, Ukrainian: Республіка Крим, Crimean Tatar: Къырым Джумхуриети, romanized: Qırım Cumhuriyeti)[lower-alpha 1] is a de facto federal subject (republic) of Russia located on the disputed Crimean Peninsula, which was annexed by Russia from Ukraine in 2014, but is still internationally recognized as being part of Ukraine.[12] The capital city and largest city within the republic is Simferopol, which is also the second-largest city of the peninsula, behind the federal city of Sevastopol. At the last census, the republic had a population of 1,891,465 (2014 Census).[13]

Republic of Crimea
Республика Крым
Other transcription(s)
  UkrainianРеспубліка Крим, Respublika Krym
  Crimean TatarКъырым Джумхуриети, Qırım Cumhuriyeti
"Нивы и горы твои волшебны, Родина" (Russian)
Nivy i gory tvoi volshebny, Rodina  (transliteration)
Your fields and mountains are magical, Motherland
Location of the Republic of Crimea (red)

in Russia (white)

Location of the Republic of Crimea (light yellow)

in the Crimean Peninsula

Coordinates: 45°24′N 35°18′E
Federal districtSouthern[1][2]
Economic regionNorth Caucasus[3]
  BodyState Council
  HeadSergey Aksyonov[4]
  Total26,100 km2 (10,100 sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+3 (MSK [7])
License plates82[8][9]
OKTMO ID35000000
Official languagesRussian;[10] Ukrainian;[11] Crimean Tatar[11]