Republic of Kosova

The Republic of Kosova (Albanian: Republika e Kosovës) or First Republic of Kosovo was a self-declared proto-state in southeastern Europe established in 1991.[1] During its peak, it tried to establish its own parallel political institutions in opposition to the institutions of the Autonomous Province of Kosovo and Metohija held by Yugoslavia's Republic of Serbia.

Republic of Kosova
Republika e Kosovës
Anthem: Himni i Flamurit
"Hymn to the Flag"
Location of the Republic of Kosova in relation to the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (1999)
StatusRecognized only by Albania
Common languagesAlbanian (official)
Ibrahim Rugova
Prime Minister 
Jusuf Zejnullahu
Bujar Bukoshi
Historical eraYugoslav Wars
22 September 1991
1 February 1999
CurrencyYugoslav dinar
Albanian lek
Deutsche Mark
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Socialist Autonomous Province of Kosovo
United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo
Today part ofKosovo[lower-alpha 1]

The flag used by the Republic of Kosova was very similar to the flag of Albania, depicting the same symbol on the same coloured background.