Restoration and Regeneration in Switzerland

The periods of Restoration and Regeneration in Swiss history lasted from 1814 to 1847. "Restoration" is the period of 1814 to 1830,[2] the restoration of the Ancien Régime (federalism), reverting the changes imposed by Napoleon Bonaparte on the centralist Helvetic Republic from 1798 and the partial reversion to the old system with the Act of Mediation of 1803. "Regeneration" is the period of 1830 to 1848, when in the wake of the July Revolution the "restored" Ancien Régime was countered by the liberal movement. In the Protestant cantons, the rural population enforced liberal cantonal constitutions, partly in armed marches on the cities. This resulted in a conservative backlash in the Catholic cantons in the 1830s, raising the conflict to the point of civil war by 1847.

Swiss Confederation
  • Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft (de)
    Confédération suisse (fr)
    Confederazione Svizzera (it)
Common languagesSwiss French, Swiss German, Swiss Italian, Romansch
Roman Catholic
 First meeting of delegates from all the nineteen cantons at Zurich
6 April 1814
7 August 1815
November 1847
12 September 1848
CurrencyDifferent franc for each canton
Konkordatsbatzen from 1825
ISO 3166 codeCH
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Swiss Confederation (Mediation)
Simplon (department)
Léman (department)
Principality of Neuchâtel
Republic of Geneva

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