Roland MC-202

The Roland MC-202 (MicroComposer) is a monophonic analog synthesizer and music sequencer released by Roland in 1983. It was the first groovebox.[1] Its synth is similar to the TB-303 bass synth and the SH-101 synthesizer, featuring one voltage-controlled oscillator with simultaneous saw and square/pulse-width waveforms. It is a successor to the Microcomposer family of sequencers, including the MC-8 and MC-4.[2] The unit is portable and can be operated from batteries or an external power supply.

MC-202 MicroComposer
Roland MC-202
Technical specifications
Oscillator1 VCO
LFO1 sine
Synthesis typeAnalog Subtractive
Filter1 resonant lowpass
Attenuator1 ADSR
Aftertouch expressionNo
Velocity expressionNo
Storage memory2 tracks
Keyboard212 oct rubber buttons
External controlCV/Gate

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