Romania–United Kingdom relations

British–Romanian relations are bilateral foreign relations between United Kingdom and Romania. Both countries established diplomatic relations in 1880. Both countries are members of NATO. The United Kingdom has an embassy in Bucharest and Romania has an embassy in London. Romania also has two consulates general in Edinburgh and Manchester. Romania also has five honorary consulates based in Leeds, Newcastle, Inverness, Liverpool and Bristol. Romania has a cultural institute in London.

British–Romanian relations

United Kingdom

Diplomatic mission
British Embassy, BucharestEmbassy of Romania in London
Andrew NobleDan Mihalache


Embassy of Romania in London

At the Congress of Berlin 1877 to 1878, Great Britain worked to assist Romania's goal of breaking away from the Ottoman Empire. The British and Russian delegations negotiated a deal whereby Romania obtained its independence, with conditions. While Britain was unable to gain all that it wanted, it did manage to prevent Russian expansion into the Mediterranean. The result was good relations between Britain and Romania. [1]

In recent years relations between Britain and Romania have soured due to what some hold to be xenophobic reports in the British press.[2]


Royal Bank of Scotland operated in Romania between 15 October 2008 and 31 December 2015.[3]

The Romanian subsidiary of the British company Vodafone is the second largest mobile network operator in the country.

One of the best known Romanian brands in the United Kingdom is Dacia. It has a wide spread network of dealers throughout the country.[4]

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