Romanization of Belarusian

Romanization or Latinization of Belarusian is any system for transliterating written Belarusian from Cyrillic to the Latin alphabet.

Standard systems for romanizing Belarusian

Standard systems for romanizing Belarusian include:

Comparative table of some standard romanisations of the Belarusian letters
Cyrillic Scholarly[2] ALA-LC British[3] BGN/PCGN[4] ISO 9 National 2000[5] National 2007[5]
А аaaaaaaa
Б бbbbbbbb
В вvvvvvvv
Г гhhhhghh
Ґ ґ[6]gggg
Д дddddddd
Е еeeeyeeje, ieje, ie
Ё ёëi͡oëyoëjo, iojo, io
Ж жžz͡hzhzhžžž
З зzzzzzzz
І іiiiiìii
Й йjĭĭyjjj
К кkkkkkkk
Л лlllllll
М мmmmmmmm
Н нnnnnnnn
О оooooooo
П пppppppp
Р рrrrrrrr
С сsssssss
Т тttttttt
Тс тсt-st·s
У уuuuuuuu
Ў ўŭ (w)ŭwwǔúŭ
Ф фfffffff
Х хx (ch)khkhkhhchch
Ц цctststsccc
Ч чčchchchččč
Ш шšshshshššš
ʼ--ˮ, "ʺʼ--
Ы ыyyȳyyyy
Ь ьʹʹʼ, 'ʹʹʹcombining acute
Э эèėéeèee
Ю юjui͡uyuyuûju, iuju, iu
Я яjai͡ayayaâja, iaja, ia
Historical letters
И иī
Щ щshch
Ъ ъʺˮ, "
Ѣ ѣěê
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  2. Parentheses ( ) denote older variants.
  3. Diacritics may be omitted when back-transliteration is not required
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  5. For е, ё, ю, я, the digraphs je, jo, ju, ja are used word-initially, and after a vowel, apostrophe (’), separating ь, or ў.
  6. The letter Ge (Ґ ґ) has never been part of the standard Belarusian alphabet.


Transliteration of some common words
Cyrillic Беларусь Лукашэнка Магілёў сям’я
Łacinka Biełaruś Łukašenka Mahiloŭ siamja
BGN/PCGN Byelarus′ Lukashenka Mahilyow syamʹʹya
Scholarly Belarus′ Lukašènka Mahilëŭ sjamja
ALA-LC Belarusʹ Lukashėnka Mahili͡oŭ si͡ami͡a
British Belarus’ Lukashénka Mahilëw syam”ya
ISO 9 Belarus′ Lukašènka Magìlëǔ sâm’â
National 2000 Bielarus’ Lukašenka Mahilioú siamja
National 2007 Bielaruś Lukašenka Mahilioŭ siamja

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