Ross Cowan

Ross Cowan is a British historian and author specialising in Roman military history.

Education and career

Cowan studied at the University of Glasgow, completing an MA in classical civilisation in 1997 and a PhD in history in 2003.[1] His doctoral thesis was on the Praetorian Guard and Legio II Parthica, entitled Aspects of the Severan Field Army AD 193–238.[2]

Since earning his PhD Cowan has been an independent scholar, writing books on Roman military history for Osprey Publishing, Greenhill Books and Pen & Sword Books.[3]


  • For the Glory of Rome: A History of Warriors and Warfare
  • Roman Conquests: Italy
  • Roman Battle Tactics 109 BC–AD 313
  • Roman Legionary 109-58 BC: The Age of Marius, Sulla and Pompey the Great
  • Roman Legionary 58 BC–AD 69
  • Roman Legionary AD 69-161
  • Imperial Roman Legionary AD 161-284
  • Roman Legionary AD 284-337: The Age of Diocletian and Constantine the Great
  • Milvian Bridge AD 312: Constantine's Battle for Empire and Faith
  • Roman Guardsman 62 BC–AD 324

Contributor to Ancient Egypt, Ancient Warfare, Archäologisches Korrespondenzblatt [de],[4] [[Historia (classical antiquity history journal)|Historia]], Medieval Warfare,[5] Military History Monthly and Military Illustrated. Chapters in J. Turfa (ed.), The Etruscan World and C. Koepfer et al, Die römische Armee im Experiment.[6]


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