Rowing club

A rowing club is a club for people interested in the sport of Rowing. Rowing clubs are usually near a body of water, whether natural or artificial, that is large enough for manoeuvering the shells (rowing boats). Clubs usually have a boat house with racks to store boats, and a dock or slipway to get them into the water. Many clubs host rowing competitions, known as regattas, on a certain weekend every year, and send a competitive team to other regattas.

Lea Rowing Club, a local club on the Lea Navigation in London

There are also "indoor rowing" clubs which only have rowing machines. There are indoor rowing regattas, such as CRASH-B Sprints which takes place every winter in Boston.

Finally, there are rowing clubs which are not physical entities at all. For example, many high schools and universities maintain an alumni rowing club. Members of these clubs typically train on their own and meet up with their fellow club members to race. The club status must be maintained in order to participate in events sanctioned by USRowing or other governing bodies.

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