Royal 22nd Regiment

The Royal 22nd Regiment[1][2][lower-alpha 1] (R22R;[4] French: Royal 22e Régiment)[5][6] is an infantry regiment of the Canadian Army. Known colloquially in English as the Van Doos (representing an anglicized pronunciation of the French number twenty-two, vingt-deux)[7] or in French as le Vingt-deuxième,[8] the mostly francophone regiment comprises three Regular Force battalions, two Primary Reserve battalions, and a band, making it the largest regiment in the Canadian Army.[citation needed] The headquarters (French: maison-mère) of the regiment is at the Citadelle of Quebec in Quebec City, also the site of the regimental museum, and all three of its regular battalions are stationed at Canadian Forces Base Valcartier in Saint-Gabriel-de-Valcartier, 15 kilometres (9.3 mi) outside of Quebec City. The regiment serves as the "local" infantry regiment for the province of Quebec, where it draws most of its recruits.

Royal 22nd Regiment
Royal 22e Régiment
Regimental badge
Founded4 June 1869
BranchCanadian Army
TypeLine infantry
RoleMechanized infantry (two battalions)
Light role infantry/paratroop (one battalion)
Light Infantry (two battalions)
SizeFive battalions
Part ofRoyal Canadian Infantry Corps
Garrison/HQHeadquarters: Quebec City
1st Battalion: Valcartier
2nd Battalion: Quebec City
3rd Battalion: Valcartier
4th Battalion: Laval
6th Battalion: Saint-Hyacinthe
Nickname(s)"Van Doos"
Motto(s)French: Je me souviens, lit.'I remember'
ColorsScarlet with blue facings (full dress and mess dress)
MarchQuick: Vive la Canadienne
Slow: Marche lente du Royal 22e Régiment: La Prière en famille
Mascot(s)Goat named Batisse XI
Colonel-in-chiefQueen Elizabeth II
Colonel of the regimentLieutenant-General Marc Caron
Jean Victor Allard
Left side of bearskin

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