Royal Canadian Navy

The Royal Canadian Navy (RCN; French: Marine royale canadienne) is the naval force of Canada. The RCN is one of three environmental commands within the Canadian Armed Forces. As of 2021, the RCN operates 12 frigates, 4 attack submarines, 12 coastal defence vessels, 8 patrol class training vessels, 1 offshore patrol vessel, as well as several auxiliary vessels. The RCN consists of 8,300 Regular Force and 3,600 Primary Reserve sailors, supported by 3,800 civilians.[a 1] Vice-Admiral Craig Baines is the current commander of the Royal Canadian Navy and chief of the Naval Staff.[a 2]

Royal Canadian Navy
Marine royale canadienne  (French)
Founded4 May 1910; 111 years ago (1910-05-04)
RoleNaval warfare
Size28 ships
  Regular Force: 12,570 Regular force members
  Reserve Force: 4,111 Reserve force members
  Civilian members: 3,800 civilian members[1]
Part ofCanadian Armed Forces
HeadquartersNational Defence Headquarters
Motto(s)Latin: Parati vero parati, lit.'Ready aye ready'
March"Heart of Oak"
Mascot(s)SONAR (Newfoundland dog)
Commander-in-chiefElizabeth II, Queen of Canada
represented by Mary Simon, Governor General of Canada
Commander of the Royal Canadian NavyVAdm Craig Baines
Naval ensign
Naval jack
Bilingual logo
Lesser badge
Queen's Colour

Founded in 1910 as the Naval Service of Canada (French: Service naval du Canada) and given royal sanction on 29 August 1911,[2] the RCN was amalgamated with the Royal Canadian Air Force and the Canadian Army to form the unified Canadian Armed Forces in 1968, after which it was known as Maritime Command (French: Commandement maritime) until 2011.

In 2011, its historical title of "Royal Canadian Navy" was restored. Over the course of its history, the RCN has served in the First and Second World Wars, the Korean War, the Persian Gulf War, the War in Afghanistan and numerous United Nations peacekeeping missions and NATO operations.