Royal Order of Spain

The Royal Order of Spain, originally founded as Ordre royal d'Espagne is an extinct order of knighthood of the Kingdom of Spain founded by Joseph Bonaparte.

Nicolás Guye wearing the neck insignia and Grand Cross of the order, 1810
Cross and sash of the order as depicted in the Vinkhuijzen Collection


The Royal Order of Spain was founded by King Joseph of Spain on 20 October 1808, under the name of royal and military order (’ordre royal et militaire) to be awarded for bravery on the battlefield as well as for civilian accomplishments.


Grands cordons



  • Alexis-François Aulagnier
  • Domingo de Cabarrús y Galabert (11 March 1810)
  • Leandro Fernández de Moratín
  • Francisco de Goya
  • Jean-Baptiste Auguste Marie Jamin (19 November 1810)
  • Louis-Joseph Hugo (25 October 1809)
  • François-Juste Hugo
  • Luis Marcelino Pereira (27 October 1809)