Rudolph II of Burgundy

Rudolph II (c. 11 July 880 – 11 July 937), a member of the Elder House of Welf, was King of Burgundy from 912 until his death. He initially succeeded in Upper Burgundy and also ruled as King of Italy from 922 to 926. In 933 Rudolph acquired the Kingdom of Lower Burgundy (Provence) from King Hugh of Italy in exchange for the waiver of his claims to the Italian crown, thereby establishing the united Kingdom of Burgundy.

Rudolph II
King of Burgundy
PredecessorRudolph I
SuccessorConrad I
King of Italy
PredecessorBerengar I
Bornc. 11 July 880
Died11 July 937
SpouseBertha of Swabia
IssueConrad I of Burgundy
Adelaide of Italy
HouseElder House of Welf
FatherRudolph I of Burgundy
MotherGuilla of Provence