Rugby Americas North

Rugby Americas North, abbreviated as RAN, is the governing body for rugby union in the North American continental region. Rugby Americas North operates under the authority of World Rugby, and is one of six regional unions represented within it.

Rugby Americas North
FormationMarch 2001; 21 years ago (March 2001)[1]
TypeSports orginastion
HeadquartersTortola, British Virgin Islands
Region served
North America and the Caribbean[lower-alpha 1]
19 member unions
Official language
Miguel Carner
General Manager
Niall Brooks
Chief Executive Officer
Dan Payne
Main organ
Board of Directors
Parent organization
World Rugby
Formerly called
  • North America and West Indies Rugby Association (2001–2008)
  • North America Caribbean Rugby Association (2009–2014)

Prior to 2016, the organisation was known as NACRA – the North America Caribbean Rugby Association. The preceding body before 2001 was NAWIRA – the North America and West Indies Rugby Association.

The main objective of RAN is the promotion and development of rugby in North America and the Caribbean. The association unveiled a four-year plan during the 2011 Annual General Meeting to grow rugby within its membership unions through promotion, media output and competition.[2]

World Rugby's 40-member executive council includes two seats for RAN representatives, two seats for Canada, and one for the United States. By contrast to RAN's five votes on the World Rugby executive council, European countries have 16 votes.

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