Rugby Canada

Rugby Canada is the national governing body for the sport of rugby union in Canada. Rugby Canada was incorporated in 1974, and stems from the Canadian Rugby Football Union, a body established in 1884 that now governs amateur Canadian football as Football Canada; and the now-defunct Rugby Union of Canada, established in 1929. Rugby Canada administers the Canada national rugby union team and sanctions the Rugby Canada National Junior Championship, a national competition for under-20 men's teams. It previously sanctioned the Super League as the premier level of men's competition in the country, but scrapped that league after the Americas Rugby Championship was created in 2009 as a two-stage competition in which the first involved only Canadian teams.

Rugby Canada
SportRugby union
Founded1974; 48 years ago (1974) (1974; 48 years ago (1974))
World Rugby affiliation1987
RAN affiliation2001
ChairmanTim Powers
Men's coachKingsley Jones
Women's coachSandro Fiorino

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