Rugby union in Scotland

Rugby union in Scotland is a popular team sport. Scotland's national side today competes in the annual Six Nations Championship and the Rugby World Cup. The first ever international rugby match was played on 27 March 1871, at Raeburn Place in Edinburgh, when Scotland defeated England in front of 4,000 people. Professional clubs compete in the United Rugby Championship, European Rugby Champions Cup and European Rugby Challenge Cup, while the Scottish League Championship exists for over 200 amateur and semi-professional clubs, as does a knock-out competition, the Scottish Cup. The governing body, the Scottish Rugby Union (SRU), is one of the ten first-tier member nations of World Rugby.[2]

Rugby union in Scotland
Scottish fans watching a game against Romania at the 2007 Rugby World Cup
Governing bodyScottish Rugby Union
National team(s)Scotland
First played1858, Edinburgh
Registered players38,500 [1]
National competitions
Club competitions

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