Rumelia Eyalet

The Eyalet of Rumeli or Rumelia (Ottoman Turkish: ایالت روم ایلی, Eyālet-i Rūm-ėli),[2] also known as the Beylerbeylik of Rumeli, was a first-level province (beylerbeylik or eyalet) of the Ottoman Empire encompassing most of the Balkans ("Rumelia"). For the most part of its history, it was the largest and most important province of the Empire, containing key cities such as Edirne, Yanina (Ioannina), Sofia, Plovdiv, Manastır/Monastir (Bitola), Üsküp (Skopje), and the major seaport of Selanik/Salonica (Thessaloniki).

Eyalet of Rumelia
Eyalet-i Rumeli
The Rumelia Eyalet in 1609
StatusEyalet of the Ottoman Empire
CapitalEdirne (1362–1530)
Sofia (1530–1836)
Monastir (1836–1867)
41°1′N 21°20′E
1844[1]124,630 km2 (48,120 sq mi)
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Byzantine Empire
Second Bulgarian Empire
Despotate of Serbia
Despotate of Dobruja
Lordship of Prilep
Gazaria (Genoese colonies)
Principality of Theodoro
Kingdom of Bosnia
League of Lezhe
Venetian Albania
Kingdom of Hungary
Eyalet of the Archipelago
Kefe Eyalet
Bosnia Eyalet
Ioannina Eyalet
Principality of Serbia
Salonica Eyalet
Adrianople Eyalet
Silistra Eyalet
Niš Eyalet
Vidin Eyalet
Habsburg Monarchy
Today part of Albania
 Bosnia and Herzegovina
 North Macedonia

The capital was in Adrianople (Edirne), Sofia, and finally Monastir (Bitola). Its reported area in the 19th century was 48,119 square miles (124,630 km2).[3]