Running man (dance)

The Running Man is a street and fad dance popularized by Bobby Brown. It consists of a hopping or sliding step done in such a way at speed to simulate a runner. Notable practictionaers of the dance are MC Hammer, Janet Jackson, Selena Quintanilla-Pérez, Milli Vanilli, and Vanilla Ice during their live concert shows and music videos. It achieved somewhat of a memed revival during in the 2000s, where it is performed in some manner of the Melbourne shuffle dance style. A variation of the dance can be seen in a Fela Kuti concert called "Cross Examination" by one of his back-up dancers/ex-wife in Berlin in 1978.[1]

Running Man Dance

As far as non-urban acts go, singer Britney Spears' homage to it during her M+M's: Concerts From The HOB Tour 2007[2] and Scarlett Johansson stating in an interview with Seventeen, "I do a great Running Man."[3]

2008 saw the rerelease of "Something Good" by the Utah Saints. The video, set in 1989, comically suggests that the Running Man craze started in Cardiff, Wales. It features many people dancing the Running Man and ends with the "rights" to the dance being signed over to MC Hammer under duress.

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