Rusellae was an important ancient town of Etruria (roughly modern Tuscany), which survived until the Middle Ages before being abandoned.[1] The impressive archaeological remains lie near the modern frazione or village of Roselle (Italian: [roˈzɛlle]) in the comune of Grosseto.

The archaeological site of Rusellae
Shown within Tuscany
LocationRoselle, Italy
Region Tuscany
Coordinates42.8276°N 11.16335°E / 42.8276; 11.16335
CulturesEtruscan, Roman
Site notes
ArchaeologistsClelia Laviosa
Public accessPartial

The remains of the ancient buildings were brought to light by means of a long campaign of excavations carried out under archaeologist Clelia Laviosa beginning in the 1950s.[2] More recent work has revealed many more impressive buildings.