Russian Orthodox Diocese of Sourozh

The Russian Orthodox Diocese of Sourozh (Russian: Суро́жская епа́рхия) is a diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC), covering the islands of Great Britain and Ireland. Since 28 December 2018, the Diocese of Sourozh is part of the Patriarchal Exarchate in Western Europe.[1][2]

Diocese of Sourozh
TerritoryUnited Kingdom
Ecclesiastical provincePatriarchal Exarchate in Western Europe (Moscow Patriarchate)
MetropolitanAnthony (Sevryuk)
DenominationEastern Orthodox Church
Established10 October 1962
Current leadership
Parent churchRussian Orthodox Church
Bishop of SourozhMatthew (Andreev) [ru]

The diocese's name is taken from an ancient see in the Crimea that no longer has a bishop. The patron saint of the diocese is St Stephen of Sourozh, an eighth-century Archbishop of Sourozh (today Sudak) and Confessor of the Faith during the Iconoclastic Controversy.[3]

Founded in October 1962, the diocese was headed by Metropolitan Anthony (Bloom) until his death in 2003.[citation needed]

Since the adoption of its new statutes in 2010,[4] the Diocese was placed under the direct and personal spiritual and administrative authority of the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia.[5]

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