Rwandan Patriotic Front

The Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF–Inkotanyi,[1] French: Front patriotique rwandais, FPR) is the ruling political party in Rwanda. Led by President Paul Kagame, the party has governed the country since its armed wing defeated government forces, winning the Rwandan Civil War in 1994.

Rwandan Patriotic Front
Front Patriotique Rwandais
PresidentPaul Kagame
Secretary-GeneralWellars Gasamagera
FounderFred Gisa Rwigyema
FoundedDecember 1987
IdeologyRwandan nationalism
Economic liberalism
Tutsi interests
Political positionBig tent
Colours  Sky blue
Chamber of Deputies
36 / 80
Party flag

Since 1994, the party has ruled Rwanda using tactics which have been characterised as authoritarian.[2][3] Elections are manipulated in various ways, which include banning opposition parties, arresting or assassinating critics, and electoral fraud.[4]

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