1924 Saar parliamentary election

Elections to the consultative Regional Council (Landesrat) were held in the territory of the Saar Basin on 27 January 1924.[1] The Centre Party remained the largest faction, winning 14 of the 30 seats,[2] but lost its majority. At its first meeting on 6 March, all parties except the Communists affirmed their continued loyalty to Germany.[3] Peter Scheuer of the Centre Party was elected President of the Landesrat on 24 March.[1]

Electoral system

The election was held using the open list system, with each voter able to cast up to 30 votes.[1]


Party Votes % Seats +/–
Centre Party3,246,51142.7714–2
Social Democratic Party1,398,94918.436+1
Communist Party1,207,21115.905+3
German-Saarland People's Party1,127,25814.854–1
Association of Homeowners and Agriculture – German Economic Association311,7224.111–1
Saarland Workers' Group207,1292.730New
German National Party91,6311.210New
Valid votes254,85899.69
Invalid/blank votes8010.31
Registered voters/turnout378,45958.05
Source: Gonschior.de


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