Sailing at the 1928 Summer Olympics – 6 Metre

The 6 Metre was a sailing event on the Sailing at the 1928 Summer Olympics program in Amsterdam. Seven races were scheduled. 61 sailors, on 13 boats, from 13 nations competed.

6 Metre[1]
at the Games of the IX Olympiad
Line drawing of the 6 Metre
DatesFirst race: August 2, 1928 (1928-08-02)
Last race: August 9, 1928 (1928-08-09)
Competitors61 Male from 13 nations
Johan Anker, Erik Anker,
Håkon Bryhn, Crown Prince Olav
Vilhelm Vett, Nils Otto Møller,
Aage Høy-Petersen, Peter Schlütter
Nikolai Vekšin, William von Wirén,
Eberhard Vogdt, Georg Faehlmann,
Andreas Faehlmann

Race schedule[1]

  Event competitions  Event finals
Date August
6 Metre Spare
Total gold medals1

Course area and course configuration[1]

For the 6 Metre the used courses were about 5 nm out of the locks, East of the Isle of Marken on the Zuiderzee.

At that time the Zuiderzee had an open connection with the North Sea. The sea water was salt or at best brackish. Waves could be steep and short due to the shallow waters.

1928 Olympic Course Areas
Course area and courses for the 6 Metre

Weather conditions [2]

DateRaceWind speedWind direction
2-AUG-19281st Race7 knots (3.6 m/s) -
10 knots (5.1 m/s)
3-AUG-19282nd Race8 knots (4.1 m/s) -
11 knots (5.7 m/s)
4-AUG-19283rd Race11 knots (5.7 m/s) -
17 knots (8.7 m/s)
5-AUG-19284th Race13 knots (6.7 m/s) -
21 knots (11 m/s)
7-AUG-19285th Race8 knots (4.1 m/s) -
11 knots (5.7 m/s)
8-AUG-19286th Race10 knots (5.1 m/s) -
13 knots (6.7 m/s)
9-AUG-19287th Race10 knots (5.1 m/s) -
15 knots (7.7 m/s)


The 1928 Olympic scoring system was used.

Final results[4]

RankCountryHelmsmanCrewSail No.Boat Race 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Race 7Total
 Norway Johan AnkerErik Anker
Håkon Bryhn
Crown Prince Olav
N 31Norna1Q1Q12RET1Q2 2 7DNS3 x 1st
 Denmark Vilhelm VettAage Høy-Petersen
Nils Otto Møller
Peter Schlütter
DHi-Hi11 3Q12DSQ6 6 1 1 2 x 1st
 Estonia Nikolai VekšinWilliam von Wirén
Eberhard Vogdt
Georg Faehlmann
Andreas Faehlmann
C 10Tutti V6 6 2Q3Q1 3 3 1 x 1st
1 x 2nd
4  Netherlands Hans PluijgersHans Fokker
Carl Huisken
Wim Schouten
Roeffie Vermeulen
H 11Kemphaan8 5 1Q4 7 7 5 1 x 1st
5  Belgium A. J. J. FridtLudovic Franck
Frits Mulder
Willy Van Rompaey
Arthur Sneyers
B 7Ubu9 2Q3Q2Q4 4 4 2 x 2nd
6  United States Herman WhitonFrederick Morris
Conway Olmstead
Willets Outerbridge
Jim Thompson
USFrieda3Q4 12RET5 5 5 2 1 x 2nd
1 x 3rd
1 x 4th
7  Sweden Hakon ReuterHarry Hanson
Georg Lindahl
Yngve Lindqvist
S 35Ingegerd2Q8 5 7 3 6 6 1 x 2nd
1 x 3rd
8  France Philippe de RothschildHenry Allard
Robert Gufflet
Pierre Moussié
Jean Pierre Rouanet
F 13Cupidon Viking4 9 4 11       1 x 4th
9  Germany Ernst LaeiszAnton Huber
Hans Paschen
Oswald Thomsen
Carl Wentzel
GPan5 11 7 10       1 x 5th
10  Italy Giovanni Leone ReggioFrancesco Cameli
Giuliano Oberti
Massimo Oberti
Giacomo Tarsis Di Brolo
ITwins II7 13RET6 9       1 x 6th
11  Hungary János MihálkovicsSándor Burger
Tibor Heinrich von Omorovicza
Sándor Sebők
Miklós Tuss
MHungaria10 7 12RET8       1 x 7th
12  Portugal Frederico BurnayCarlos Eduardo Bleck
António de Herédia
Ernesto Mendonça
P 1Camelia13 12 8 12       1 x 8th
13  Spain Pedro José de GalíndezJosé María, Count de Arteche
Álvaro de Arana
Javier de Arana
Luis de Arana
EFruits12 10 13DNS13DNS      1 x 10th

    Legend: DNS – Did not start; DSQ – Disqualified; Q – Qualifying race; RET – Retired;

    Daily standings

    Graph showing the daily standings in the 6 Metre during the 1928 Summer Olympics


    • For this event one yacht from each country, manned by 5 amateurs maximum (maximum number of substitutes 5) was allowed.[1]
    • This event was a gender independent event. However it turned out to be a man's only event.

    Other information

    During the Sailing regattas at the 1928 Summer Olympics among others the following persons were competing in the various classes:

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