Samuel Parsons Scott

Samuel Parsons Scott (8 July 1846 – 30 May 1929), known as S. P. Scott, was an American attorney, banker and scholar.[1] He was born in Hillsboro, Ohio, where he received a classics-based education at the Hillsboro Academy; he went on to earn his A.B. degree from the Miami University in 1868, was elected to Phi Beta Kappa, and obtained his A.M. degree from the same institution the following year.[2] Scott was licensed to practice law in 1868 and was an attorney for several years in Leavenworth, Kansas and in San Francisco, but he left the practice of law in 1875 to return to Hillsboro and the family banking business.[3] Thereafter, he also traveled in Europe, studied, and wrote.[4] Late in his life, he served for many years on the editorial staff of the American Bar Association's Comparative Law Bureau.[5]

S.P. Scott