Saraswati River (Uttarakhand)

Saraswati River is a tributary of Alaknanda River flowing in Uttarakhand State, India.[1] It joins Alaknanda River at Keshav Prayag, near Mana village, Badrinath. Alaknanda River merges with Bhagirathi at Devprayag, Uttarakhand, which forms from that point the Ganges.[2][3] A natural stone bridge, named "Bhim Pul",[4] lays across flowing Saraswati river, making a passage towards Vasudhara falls and Satopanth Lake. It is believed by locals that Bhim Pul is a rock bridge founded by Bhima of Mahabharatha, to help Draupadi to cross the rivulet.[5]

Saraswati River

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