Schilksee (German pronunciation: [ˈʃɪlkˌzeː] (listen)) is a town on the Danish Wahld peninsula in the Kieler Förde. In 1959, the town was incorporated into the city of Kiel, therefore today sometimes named as Kiel-Schilksee (German pronunciation: [kiːl ˈʃɪlkˌzeː] (listen)).

1652 map of the Danish Wahld; Schilksee is on the eastern side of the peninsula, north of Kiel

The town is a popular vacation destination because of its beaches and houses several resorts.[1]

Sailing events were held off Schilksee during the 1936 Summer Olympics.[1]

During the 1972 Summer Olympics, held in Munich, Germany, the Olympic Yachting Center was built at Schilksee for the sailing events of the 1972 games.[2]

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