Schoenstatt Apostolic Movement

The Apostolic Movement of Schoenstatt (German: Schönstatt-Bewegung) is a Roman Catholic Marian movement founded in Germany in 1914 by Father Joseph Kentenich, who saw the movement as a means of spiritual renewal for the Catholic Church.[2] The movement is named Schoenstatt (which means "beautiful place") after a small village close to the town of Vallendar near Koblenz, in Germany.

Apostolic Movement of Schoenstatt[1]
Formation18 October 1914 (1914-10-18)
TypeCatholic movement
HeadquartersSchoenstatt, Vallendar, Germany
Worldwide, 110 nations
Joseph Kentenich

As a movement of renewal within the Catholic Church, Schoenstatt works to revitalize the Church and society in the spirit of the Gospel. Its members seek to connect faith with daily life, especially through a deep love for Mary, the Mother of God, who helps, educates and guides them in becoming better followers of Christ. As an international movement, it has expanded to every continent and has members from all vocations and walks in life. It is a spiritual family whose many branches and communities join to form a single Schoenstatt Family.[3]