Scottish Sentencing Council

The Scottish Sentencing Council is an advisory non-departmental public body in Scotland that produces sentencing guidelines for use in the High Court of Justiciary, sheriff courts and justice of the peace courts. Judges, sheriffs, and justices of the peace must use the guidelines to inform the sentence they pronounce against a convict, and they must give reasons for not following the guidelines.

Scottish Sentencing Council
Agency overview
Formed19 October 2015; 5 years ago (19 October 2015)
TypeAdvisory non-departmental public body
HeadquartersParliament House, Edinburgh, EH1 1RQ
Agency executives
Parent agencyScottish Courts and Tribunals Service
Key document
Scotland in the UK and Europe

The Scottish Sentencing Council was established by the Scottish Ministers on 19 October 2015 under powers granted by the Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland) Act 2010. All sentencing guidelines are submitted to the High Court of Justiciary for approval, and the High Court may approve, amend, or reject the guidelines produced by the Council.