Second Anglo-Maratha War

The Second Anglo-Maratha War (1803–1805) was the second conflict between the British East India Company and the Maratha Empire in India.

Second Anglo-Maratha War
Part of the Anglo-Maratha Wars

The Battle of Assaye, a painting by J.C. Stadler
Date11 September 1803 – 24 December 1805

British victory

East India Company Maratha Empire
Commanders and leaders
Gerard Lake
Arthur Wellesley
James Stevenson
Daulat Scindhia
Raghoji II Bhonsle
Yashwantrao Holkar
Pierre Cuillier-Perron
Sardar Beni Singh Rajput
Killedar Shiv Singh Rana, Narnala
Units involved

Lake & Wellesley:[1]

  • 4 regiments European cavalry
  • 8 regiments Native cavalry
  • 2 regiments British infantry
  • 17 sepoy battalions
  • Artillery
Shock Infantry forces
Political map of India in 1792, compared to yellow borders of 1700.

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