Second Barons' War

The Second Barons' War (1264–1267) was a civil war in England between the forces of a number of barons led by Simon de Montfort against the royalist forces of King Henry III, led initially by the king himself and later by his son, the future King Edward I. The barons sought to force the king to rule with a council of barons rather than through his favourites. The war also featured a series of massacres of Jews by de Montfort's supporters including his sons Henry and Simon, in attacks aimed at seizing and destroying evidence of baronial debts. To bolster the initial success of his baronial regime, de Montfort sought to broaden the social foundations of parliament by extending the franchise to the commons for the first time. However, after a rule of just over a year, de Montfort was killed by forces loyal to the king in the Battle of Evesham.[1]

Second Barons' War
Royal forces Baronial forces
Commanders and leaders
King Henry III
Prince Edward
Prince Edmund
Richard of Cornwall
Henry of Almain
Gilbert de Clare (from May 1265)
Humphrey de Bohun
John de Warenne
William de Valence
Roger Mortimer
Simon de Montfort 
Gilbert de Clare (until May 1265)
Henry de Montfort 
Guy de Montfort
Simon de Montfort the Younger
Peter de Montfort 
Nicholas de Segrave
Humphrey (V) de Bohun
Hugh le Despenser 

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