Second Battle of the Corunna Road

The Second Battle of the Corunna Road (Spanish: Batalla de la Carretera de Coruña) was a battle of the Spanish Civil War that took place from 13 December 1936 to 15 January 1937, northwest of Madrid. In December 1936, the Nationalists launched an offensive in order to cut the Corunna Road and isolate Madrid, but a Republican counter-offensive stopped the Nationalist advance. The Nationalists cut the Corunna road but failed to encircle Madrid.

Second Battle of the Corunna Road
Part of the Spanish Civil War
Date13 December 1936 – 15 January 1937
Location40°24′25″N 3°53′30″W
Result Indecisive
Spanish Republic Nationalist Spain
Commanders and leaders
José Miaja
Luis Barceló
El Campesino
Cipriano Mera
Gustavo Durán
Juan Modesto
José María Galán
José Enrique Varela
Luis Orgaz Yoldi
Sáenz de Buruaga
Fernando Barrón Ortiz
Francisco García Escámez
20,000 infantry, plus reinforcements
T-26 light tanks
17,000 infantry and cavalry (13 Dec)[1]
8 artillery batteries of 105 and 155 mm
Panzer I light tanks
Casualties and losses
15,000 dead or wounded[2] 15,000 dead or wounded[2]

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