Second Gladstone ministry

After campaigning against the foreign policy of the Beaconsfield ministry, William Gladstone led the Liberal Party to victory in the 1880 general election. The nominal leader of the Party, Lord Hartington, resigned in Gladstone's favour and Gladstone was appointed Prime Minister of the United Kingdom for a second time by Queen Victoria. He pursued a policy of parliamentary reform, but his government became wildly unpopular after the death of General Gordon in 1885. Gladstone was held responsible, and resigned, leaving the way free for the Conservatives under Lord Salisbury to form a government.

Second Gladstone ministry
Gladstone (1879)
Date formed23 April 1880 (1880-04-23)
Date dissolved9 June 1885 (1885-06-09)
People and organisations
Prime MinisterWilliam Gladstone
Total no. of members118 appointments
Member partyLiberal Party
Status in legislatureMajority
Opposition partyConservative Party
Opposition leaders
Election(s)1880 general election
Legislature term(s)
PredecessorSecond Disraeli ministry
SuccessorFirst Salisbury ministry