Second Kurti cabinet

The Second Kurti cabinet was formed in Kosovo on 22 March 2021 following a deal between the political parties Vetëvendosje, Guxo, Serb List, New Democratic Initiative of Kosovo, Turkish Democratic Party of Kosovo and New Democratic Party.

Second Kurti cabinet

Cabinet of Kosovo
22 March 2021 
Date formed22 March 2021 (2021-03-22)
People and organisations
Head of state
Head of governmentAlbin Kurti
Deputy head of government
Member parties
Opposition partiesPDK, LDK, AAK
Opposition leaders
Legislature term(s)8th legislature of the Assembly
PredecessorHoti cabinet


On 22 March 2021, Albin Kurti was confirmed as Prime Minister of Kosovo by the Assembly of Kosovo after the parliamentary elections of 14 February 2021 with sixty seven pros and thirty votes against.[1]


The cabinet consists of the following ministers:[2]

Prime Minister of Kosovo Albin Kurti22 March 2021IncumbentVetëvendosje
First Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration, Development and Dialogue Besnik Bislimi22 March 2021IncumbentVetëvendosje
Second Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Donika Gërvalla-Schwarz22 March 2021IncumbentGuxo
Third Deputy Prime Minister for Minority Issues and Human Rights Emilija Redžepi22 March 2021IncumbentNDS
Minister of Agriculture and Forestry and Rural Development Faton Peci22 March 2021IncumbentGuxo
Minister of Communities and Returns Goran Rakić22 March 2021IncumbentSerb List
Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports Hajrullah Çeku22 March 2021IncumbentVetëvendosje
Minister of Defense Armend Mehaj22 March 2021IncumbentIndependent
Minister of Economy Artane Rizvanolli22 March 2021IncumbentIndependent
Minister of Education, Science and Technology and Innovation Arbërie Nagavci22 March 2021IncumbentVetëvendosje
Minister of Environment, Spatial Planning and Infrastructure Liburn Aliu22 March 2021IncumbentVetëvendosje
Minister of Finance, Labor and Transfers Hekuran Murati22 March 2021IncumbentVetëvendosje
Minister of Health Arben Vitia22 March 2021IncumbentVetëvendosje
Minister of Industry, Entrepreneurship and Trade Rozeta Hajdari22 March 2021IncumbentVetëvendosje
Minister of Internal Affairs and Public Administration Xhelal Sveçla22 March 2021IncumbentVetëvendosje
Minister of Justice Albulena Haxhiu22 March 2021IncumbentVetëvendosje
Minister of Local Administration Elbert Krasniqi22 March 2021IncumbentIRDK
Minister of Regional Development Fikrim Damka22 March 2021IncumbentKDTP


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