Second Portland ministry

This is a list of members of the Tory government of the United Kingdom in office under the leadership of the Duke of Portland from 1807 to 1809.

Members of the Cabinet are in bold face.

First Lord of the TreasuryThe Duke of Portland31 March 1807 – 4 October 1809
Chancellor of the Exchequer
Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster
Spencer Perceval26 March 1807
30 March 1807 –
Secretaries to the TreasurySenior SecretaryHon. Henry Wellesley1 April 1807 – 21 March 1809
Charles Arbuthnot5 April 1809
Junior SecretaryWilliam Huskisson1 April 1807
Junior Lords of the TreasuryWilliam Cavendish-Scott-Bentinck, Marquess of Titchfield31 March 1807 – 16 September 1807
Hon. William Eliot31 March 1807
William Sturges Bourne31 March 1807 – 16 September 1807
John Foster16 September 1807
Hon. Richard Ryder16 September 1807 – 2 December 1807
Hon. William Brodrick2 December 1807
Snowdon Barne2 December 1807
Lord President of the CouncilThe Earl Camden26 March 1807
Lord ChancellorThe Lord Eldon1 April 1807
Home SecretaryThe Lord Hawkesbury[1]25 March 1807
Under-Secretary of State for the Home DepartmentCharles Watkin Williams-Wynncontinued in office
Hon. Charles JenkinsonNovember 1807
Secretary of State for Foreign AffairsGeorge Canning25 March 1807
Under-Secretary of State for Foreign AffairsViscount FitzHarrisMarch 1807
Charles BagotAugust 1807
President of the Board of Trade
Master of the Mint
The Earl Bathurst26 March 1807
25 April 1807
Vice-President of the Board of TradeGeorge RoseMarch 1807
Secretary of State for War and the ColoniesViscount Castlereagh25 March 1807
Under-Secretary of State for War and the ColoniesEdward Cooke1807
Hon. Charles Stewart1807
Hon. F. J. Robinson[2]1809
President of the Board of ControlHon. Robert Saunders-Dundas6 April 1807
The Earl of Harrowby17 July 1809
Secretary to the Board of ControlGeorge Peter Holfordcontinued in office
First Lord of the AdmiraltyThe Lord Mulgrave4 April 1807
First Secretary to the AdmiraltyHon. William Wellesley-Pole1807
Civil Lords of the AdmiraltyRobert Plumer Ward6 April 1807
The Viscount Palmerston6 April 1807
James Buller6 April 1807
Lord Privy SealThe Earl of Westmorland25 March 1807
Master-General of the OrdnanceThe Earl of Chatham4 April 1807
Lieutenant-General of the OrdnanceSir Thomas Triggecontinued in office
Treasurer of the OrdnanceJoseph Huntcontinued in office
Surveyor-General of the OrdnanceJames Murray Haddencontinued in office
Clerk of the OrdnanceHon. William Wellesley-Pole7 April 1807
Hon. Cropley Ashley-Cooper29 July 1807
Clerk of the Deliveries of the Ordnance Hon. Cropley Ashley-Cooper7 April 1807
Thomas Thoroton29 July 1807
Storekeeper of the OrdnanceMark Singleton7 April 1807
Treasurer of the NavyGeorge Rose15 April 1807
Secretary at WarSir James Murray Pulteney30 March 1807
Lord Granville Leveson-Gower27 June 1809
Paymaster of the ForcesCharles LongApril 1807
Lord Charles Henry SomersetApril 1807
Postmaster GeneralThe Earl of Chichester1807
The Earl of Sandwich1807
Surveyor General of Woods, Forests, Parks, and ChasesThe Lord Glenbervie1807
Ministers without PortfolioThe Duke of Portland4 October 1809 – 30 October 1809
The Earl of HarrowbyNovember 1809 – June 1812
The Earl Camden8 April 1812 – June 1812
Lord Lieutenant of IrelandThe Duke of RichmondApril 1807
Chief Secretary for IrelandHon. Sir Arthur WellesleyApril 1807
Hon. Robert Saunders-DundasApril 1809
Attorney GeneralSir Vicary GibbsApril 1807
Solicitor GeneralSir Thomas PlumerApril 1807
Judge Advocate GeneralNathaniel Bond8 March 1806
Richard Ryder4 December 1807
Lord AdvocateArchibald Colquhoun1807
Solicitor General for ScotlandDavid Boyle1807
Attorney General for IrelandWilliam Saurin15 May 1807
Solicitor General for IrelandCharles Kendal Bushecontinued in office
Lord Steward of the HouseholdThe Earl of Aylesfordcontinued in office
Treasurer of the HouseholdViscount Stopford1807
Comptroller of the HouseholdLord George Thynnecontinued in office
Lord Chamberlain of the HouseholdThe Earl of Dartmouthcontinued in office
Vice-Chamberlain of the HouseholdLord John Thynnecontinued in office
Master of the HorseThe Duke of Montrose1807
Master of the BuckhoundsThe Marquess Cornwalliscontinued in office
Captain of the Gentlemen PensionersThe Lord St John of Bletsocontinued in office
The Earl of Mount Edgcumbe2 March 1808
Captain of the Yeomen of the GuardThe Earl of Macclesfieldcontinued in office