Second Salisbury ministry

The Marquess of Salisbury formed his second ministry, in an alliance with the Liberal Unionist Party, following the 1886 general election and his reappointment as the British prime minister by Queen Victoria.

Second Salisbury ministry
Salisbury (1892)
Date formed25 July 1886 (1886-07-25)
Date dissolved11 August 1892 (1892-08-11)
People and organisations
Prime MinisterLord Salisbury
Total no. of members113 appointments
Member partiesConservative Party
Status in legislature
dependent on Liberal Unionist support
Opposition partyLiberal Party
Opposition leaders
Election(s)1886 general election
Outgoing election1892 general election
Legislature term(s)
PredecessorThird Gladstone ministry
SuccessorFourth Gladstone ministry