Senate (Antigua and Barbuda)

The Senate is the Upper House of Parliament of Antigua and Barbuda. It consists of 17 members appointed by the Governor General.[1] Ten members are appointed on the advice of the Prime Minister, four on the advice of the Leader of the Opposition, one on the advice of the Barbuda Council, one resident of Barbuda on the advice of the Prime Minister, and one at the Governor General's discretion. The current Senate convened on 26 March 2018, following the general election of 21 March.

Senator the Hon. Alincia Williams-Grant
Deputy President
Political groups
Government Senators
  •   (10)

Opposition Senators

  •   (4)

Independent Senators

  •   (3)
Length of term
5 years
Appointment by the Governor-General
Meeting place

The current President of the Senate is Senator the Hon. Alincia Williams-Grant, with Senator the Hon. Osbert Richard Frederick serving as Deputy President.[2]

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